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4pm - 5pm EST Saturday, January 13 2018
Submitted by:
multihealing on Aug 30, 2010

cost: $60

duration: 1 hour 



Is this you?
I am tense or anxious a lot.

I get so tired at work.

I work really hard and for long hours.

I am too busy to figure out how to reduce my stress or pain.

I experience a lot pressure or stress at work, school, college or university.

My doctor told me to reduce stress, but I don't know how

Would you like to ... ?
- relax - de-stress - sleep better - slow down - enjoy life more - be calm and centered more often - stop worrying so much - have more energy

Do you answer yes to any of the above?
If you do - you are in the right place! I can help you bring your well-being back into balance with the rest of your life with a personal strategy for success.

I specialize in working with busy, stressed individuals - helping them fit relaxation and healthy habits into their lives so they feel great and can handle the many demands of their lives with ease. I'll work with you to identify the challenges in your life and assist you with strategies and personal solutions for feeling your best.

If you are stressed, but overwhelmed by the options out there, stuck after trying techniques that aren't achieving the results you desire, or too busy to waste your time on trial and error experimentation, then we should talk.

What are the available solutions?
Solutions and strategy for:

*stress reduction
*anxiety and worry
*relaxing and eliminating tension
*easing through difficult emotional transitions and loss
*boosting energy and rejuvenation
*restoring balance after a crisis or stressful time
*maintaining health and wellness
*overcoming chronic fatigue
*smoking cessation
*achieving your personal goals
*fulfilling your spiritual growth

Want to explore more?
Take a look at http://www.multihealing.com website for info about effective energy healing modalities that I integrate , then email or call me to find out how you can achieve your health and relaxation goals with a personalized strategy for success

Who is Merlin?
Pls. click here for my qualifications and certifications.

A feeling of peace and calm...
"Working with Merlin gave me a feeling of peace and calm that I have been able to carry over into other areas of my business and my life." - Rani F.

I definitely feel much less stressed...
"I am amazed! I definitely feel much less stressed. Better focused. During the week I am able to step back from situations & somewhat take the anxiety / panic out of daily situations. I am sleeping better more nights of the week than before. I feel more relaxed & able to make clearer decisions. I will definitely continue working with Merlin."- Susan Chakra

He's a trusted resource...
"Merlin is astounding because he really cares about you as a client and your personal needs. I felt supported while receiving my service from Merlin and I left feeling refreshed and comfortable. I highly recommend having Merlin treat you for any of your ailments - or for mere relaxation. He's a wonderful man and a trusted resource." - Linda A.

 To reserve your place just give a note, at least a day before the session, at: merlin@multihealing.com
(Be sure to get back a confirmation email)


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